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FAQs - Emergency contraception
Plan B seems expensive for one use. Is there a cheaper version?
Withdrawal (pull out) method
Pull out all the stops: Doubling up with withdrawal
The oldest method of birth control is still going strong—and it plays well with others.
Health care
How to Get Birth Control Over the Counter
Grab birth control along with a gallon of milk and the latest gossip magazines.
Birth control
How to use barrier methods like a pro
They’re hormone-free, prevent sperm from meeting egg, and work best if you use ‘em right.
Activism & politics
Mail order birth control for a good cause
Sweet! You can order the pill or EC online and help another person get birth control at the same time.
Birth control
Getting birth control online
A few clicks and presto...birth control shipped right to your door.
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
The HPV vaccine, new and improved
A new version of the Gardasil vaccine will protect against nine common strains of HPV.
Implant (Nexplanon)
Love your implant? Keep it for up to five years
Research shows the implant works for even longer than we thought—all you have to do is leave it in.
Internal condom
5 things you really should know about female condoms
They look kinda funny at first...but dual protection from STIs and pregnancy is worth a second glance.
Emergency contraception
Men and emergency contraception: The saga continues
The good news: Dudes are totally allowed to buy emergency contraception! The bad news: Some pharmacies still haven't gotten the memo.
Boundaries & consent
Phew! Free birth control doesn't lead to riskier sex
Turns out the ladies can keep it in their pants, even when given their choice of free birth control.
Birth control pill
Black market birth control? Let's go with no...
To state the obvious, buying counterfeit birth control can be bad news.
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