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Pregnancy & fertility
Um, can I get pregnant if...? Part 2!
So many pregnancy myths to bust, so little time…
Pregnancy & fertility
Um, can I get pregnant if…?
Myths, gray areas, foreign agents—we got deets.
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
Freaking out about monkeypox? Here’s what you need to know.
Don’t panic, just get the facts
Periods & vaginal health
Birth control and your period
Will birth control change my period? Depending on your method, it might.
Health care
Choosing a (new) health care provider
Keep these questions in mind
Emergency contraception
What’s the difference between birth control, the morning after pill, and the abortion pill?
Find out how each option works and how and when to use them
Birth control patch
New birth control patch Twirla offers a lower dose option
Now available from pharmacies nationwide and delivered to your door via telehealth
Health care
Why (and how) providers should get consent in the exam room
Using the principles of explicit consent to give patients better care
Birth control pill
What to do when your birth control delivery is late
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
What does it really mean to be diagnosed with HPV?
Everything you need to know about this common STI
Periods & vaginal health
If you have a vagina, you have vaginal discharge
What’s normal, what’s not, and when to see your health care provider
Birth control
Six things your provider wishes you knew about birth control
No, it doesn't affect your fertility
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