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Birth Control
Life sucks. Or is it just my birth control?
With all the stresses in life, it can be hard to know what is bringing you down. Let's take a look at what we know about birth control and depression.
Sexual Health and Wellness
Um, can I get pregnant if…?
Myths, gray areas, foreign agents—we got deets.
Sexual Health and Wellness
Skip the pelvic, please!
What to expect when it’s time to visit your lady doctor. (It may just be a conversation.)
Birth Control
Pill perfection: Choosing the right pill for you
Let us demystify all the latest pill options so you can find one that fits.
Birth Control
Whoops! Birth control you can use after sex
There are lots of reasons the best laid plans for using birth control don't work out...
Birth Control
Getting the snip: Should it be me or my partner?
Sterilization is a big decision. Consider this info when you’re contemplating the procedure.
Birth Control
The Ring: It won’t get lost in there!
A roundup of the most common questions women ask about the ring.
Birth Control
Secret birth control: Know your privacy settings
Sometimes, you just want (or need) to keep your birth control on the down low.
Birth Control
The contraception learning curve
Among sexually active women, younger women are more likely to experience an unintended pregnancy. What's the deal?
Sexual Health and Wellness
Birth control and infertility: Does using birth control hurt my chances of getting pregnant later?
News flash: Birth control = rubber, STIs = glue.
Birth Control
Is it really okay to skip periods?
What's up with methods that let you skip your period?
Birth Control
Which IUD is best for you?
There are a bunch of IUDs on the U.S. market, and they’re not one-size-fits all. Let us help you explore your options.
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