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Posts tagged with “boundaries and consent”

Is it wrong to dish about the D?

Part of the thrill of a first hookup with someone is giving your friends all the juicy details afterwards. But is it fair or right or a good idea to share actual d*ck deets? Emily Post didn’t exactly weigh in on this topic, so we’re left to our own devices. While there isn’t a clear right and wrong answer to this question, there are both ethical and practical things you should think about as you ponder what’s right for you.

Last minute safer sex tips

Think STI prevention kills the mood? Or that it’s always kind of a hassle? No way. A little planning makes it easy to help protect yourself against an STI. But what do you do when there’s no time to plan ahead and you really, really want to have sex? These hacks can help you stay safe in the moment without losing a minute of sexy time.

7 ways to turn someone down when you’re just not into it

Turning someone down can be hella awkward. No one wants to be mean, right? Most of us go through life trying pretty hard not to hurt other people’s feelings, and we all know that getting rejected never feels good. But you know what feels even worse? Being strung along and holding out hope for something the other person already knows they don’t want.