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January extended horoscopes: Manifesting in 2019

If 2018 has challenged you in more ways than one, you’re not alone. But all the hardship will be worth it as your commitment to the things and people you care about (and most of all, to yourself) will come to fruition in 2019. It’s a beautiful year ahead, and even though it will still involve hard work, you’re going to start to see your deepest wishes manifesting this year. It’s all going to be worth it!

Frisky Friday Top 5: Flirty emoji to charm someone’s pants off

Flirty texting—maybe it’s something that comes naturally to you, or maybe you find yourself at a loss when you want to translate come-hither feelings into a just a few characters. Luckily, emoji give us an easy way to communicate visually. There are always the good ol’ standbys (Image, anyone?) but here are some more options if you want to switch things up.