July horoscopes: (S)express yourself

The heat is on—and we’re not talking about the season. Whatever your sign, you can look forward to some summer lovin’ this July.

Two magic words to unlock your sex life: emotion and foreplay. You always appreciate these things, but this month they’ll be especially important. Your physical connection will be sensitive and moody. A partner who makes it clear how deeply they care for you plus long hours of foreplay will be a recipe for amazing success in the bedroom. Nothing arouses you quite like feeling well cared for in all ways.

Your powerful sex drive may be the stuff of legends, but sometimes you could be better at bringing your partner along for the ride. This month, some extra sensitivity in bed could go a long way. Your partner will be grateful for the extra TLC, and they’ll share their appreciation in toe-curling ways! Don’t worry if things feel a bit slow for your taste—you’ll fire back up to your natural speed by the end of the month.

You have an exacting standard for everything you do, including sex. You’re seeking your own idea of perfection in the bedroom, and this month you’ll find it somewhere between primal release and sweet intimacy. Your perfect pitch for detail can help you master both and enjoy the hell out of the intoxicating blend, just as long as you don’t get so caught up in getting everything exactly right that you forget to let your desires lead the way.

You’re a true believer in giving as well as receiving, and you work hard in bed to make sure your lover is satisfied before focusing on your own pleasure. At times, you may find yourself disappointed that not everyone is so considerate. This month, things will feel particularly uneven after your emotional connection with your partner goes awry. Get brave and start a conversation about your needs—you may just end up with a mind-blowing ‘O’ (or two, or three…) for your trouble.

You know how you love to contemplate the deeper meaning of sex? This is your month. You’ll find yourself up to your eyeballs in an all-consuming connection with someone who can actually keep up with you. The vibe in the bedroom is basically volcanic—emotionally dynamic and breathtakingly powerful. Careful to keep the lines of communication open around the end of the month and resist the urge to lash out if you feel emotionally threatened.

As a general rule, you’re all about the play—except when it comes to mind games. This month, let yourself get a little cerebral while you consider your current sexual relationship. Is it still fulfilling, or has this thing run its course? If you feel a bit sexually frustrated, some alone time with a new toy could ease the tension while you assess your situation.

You may come across as all business, but beneath the surface there’s a seismic shift going on. As your earthy, lusty sexuality deepens, July brings some of the juiciest arousal you’ve felt all year. Even if you’d like to stay focused on your ambitions, you’ll find it impossible to ignore your growing desire. Let yourself dive in. New heights of earth-shattering pleasure await you.

Your desire for the unusual sometimes makes mind-blowing sex hard to come by, but this July you’ll find your cup of tea (and drink it too). From phone- or cyber-sex to all kinds of kink, you’ll get to experiment with a love interest who’s every bit as unconventional as you are. Is this a partner who’s willing to boldly go where no man has gone before? If it lasts through the end of the month, it’s likely!

This is a great time to try a little tenderness. Getting the sweet, gushy, emotional sex you need will do wonders for your confidence. Your fantasy life is thriving too, and you’ll enjoy letting your imagination roam over all kinds of steamy scenarios. Toward the end of the month, your partner may be able to turn one of those private fantasies into reality. Lucky you!

You are out-of-your-mind aroused lately, and kind of insatiable. As you step into a more powerful role in the bedroom, you’ll need a fiery sex life—with a partner to match—to keep you stimulated. Luckily, you’re good at turning up the heat. Just remember to be attentive to your partner—they may need you to slow your roll from time to time. Patience and open communication should keep things hot and happy.

You are a full-on goddess of sensual domesticity this month, and it’s going to lead straight to some amazing sex. (Make sure your birth control is ready.) Whether you’re whipping up a delectable meal or carefully creating a cozy space for canoodling, you are all about your seduction game. It should go great since you’re built for this sort of thing. Just don’t get too obsessive about the details. You’re more intense than usual right now, which can be hot in the bedroom but not so great for going with the flow.

This month you’re as romantic as an old Audrey Hepburn movie and in need of some good old-fashioned love to get you in the mood. If someone wants into you’re your heart—or your bed—their best move is to sweep you off your feet. Don’t worry—that someone is lusting after you presently, and you’ll soon find new depths of passion together. If a plot twist leaves your sex life feeling a bit chilly towards the 20th, always remember that you’re every bit as irresistible as your favorite Audrey character.

That’s hot,

P.S. Can your birth control take the heat? Let us help you prepare for all the summer lovin’ that’s coming your way.

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