September horoscopes: You’re in charge of your satisfaction

September often brings chillier weather. But don’t let that keep you from burning up the sheets. This month is full of steamy twists, turns, and surprises. Here’s what’s in store for your sign.

You show your love for others by pointing out their missteps. Well-intentioned feedback might feel like a good way to say “I love you,” but sometimes it can come across as obnoxious rather than helpful. Try keeping this kind of love inside at the beginning of the month. If you’re able to hold suggestions until after the 16th, friends and lovers may be more receptive to your advice.

Your love life is deeply satisfying, but it feels too good to be true. As a result, you tend to put love (and sometimes your lovers) through some very demanding tests. You aren’t trying to be difficult. You just want to know if these relationships have longevity. While you half-expect these tests to scare everyone away, don’t be surprised if a special someone meets every single challenge. At some point, you’ll just have to learn how to accept all of the love!

Your intuition is telling you something great is on the horizon. Spend this month preparing for all of the delicious surprises coming your way. Think about what you want to manifest—it’s possible. Make your love (and sex) checklist! Create a vision board! Focus solely on what you want, and watch as the universe brings you more than you can imagine. BTW, with all this passion tumbling into your future, now is a good time to make sure your birth control’s covered.

You’ve been devoted to a project for the last few months, but around the 15th you may question your own motivation. As you explore whether you truly want to complete the task, you might just need a bit more freedom. Only you can decide whether or not you’re still committed. Hang in there—you’ll know what you want to do by the end of the month.

This September your magnetism makes you irresistible, and your charisma and sex drive are at an all-time high. You normally ask for three references before agreeing to a date, but try a little spontaneity this month. Have fun, be open, and see what unfolds. Later in the month, someone exciting might grab your interest.

You’re a free-thinking lover who isn’t into traditional rules. While some of your past relationships didn’t know how to follow your lead, this month will bring new relationships with people who really get you. They’ll adore your eccentricity and openness. Make sure to let them know the feelings are mutual!

This September your to-do list is overflowing. Try to keep your cool! Your thoughtfulness, intelligence, and wisdom are all that’s needed to get everything done. Try to remember—especially in stressful moments with your boo—that you’re doing the best you can. Be kind to yourself, practice loads of self-care, and don’t worry so much about being perfect.

From innovative ideas at work to creative positions in bed, every aspect of your life is surging with inspiration. But you’re hesitant to take risks on ideas or love interests you don’t think have potential. That’s why mid-month is so important for you. You’ll get a flash of insight about what (and who) is truly worth your time.

Your love interest might be wooing you with grand gestures and gifts, but that’s not really your style. You’re much more turned on by a steady stream of enduring love. Instead of running for the hills, show them exactly what you’re into. A little slow, passionate sex might get your message across. After the 6th of this month, your charm will have no limits and you’ll be able to get whatever it is you’re after.

You love when someone tickles your thoughts before tickling your—ahem—other parts. But when it’s all words and no action? You’re likely to get bored. This month, somebody special hasn’t been following through on their word. If you’ve reached peak-frustration, it’s time to keep it moving. You deserve someone who keeps their promises.

You’re a homebody at heart, but this is the month for major schmoozing! Opportunities you’ve been waiting for could be one new friendship away. The courage to say yes to a new endeavor could launch you (and your bank account) to new heights. Be vigilant, and don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. These new ventures will need your patience as they develop.

You are thinking of changing your appearance this month. A new look is a reflection of your innermost thoughts and feelings. So if you’re craving a make-under, know that nothing can dim your glow! You’ll attract lots of attention, and possibly a new boo as well.

Enjoy the sexy sweater weather,

P.S. WTF is stealthing? The term has been used lately to mean taking a condom off without your partner’s consent. Here’s what we have to say about that.

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