Real Stories: The low-maintenance, hormone-free birth control you probably haven’t heard of

Zero hormones. Over 99% effective. Totally reversible and can last up to 12 years. It’s the Paragard IUD.

Looking for low-maintenance, super-effective birth control, but not okay with hormones? You’re in luck, because the Paragard (a.k.a. copper) IUD happens to come with zero hormones and a ton of perks.

All birth control methods have pros and cons that vary from body to body and method to method—and a side effect that’s a minus for one person might be a plus for another. If you like having a monthly cycle and want a method that works really well for years with little effort, the non-hormonal Paragard IUD might just be perfect for you.

In the videos below, five people give us their take on what it’s like to use the non-hormonal IUD. They’ll tell you about the ups and downs, the (super quick!) insertion process, and the one thing they all agree on: that it was super worth it.

Brittany, 24

For Brittany, the IUD is a long-term investment that’s sure to pay off.

Kimberly, 29

Kimberly has tried several different methods and decided she really wanted something without hormones. She likes that her IUD is hormone-free, long-lasting, and over 99% effective.

Elsa, 25

Elsa appreciates how easy her IUD is. There’s nothing to remember, no ongoing medical appointments, no shots to get or refills to worry about.

Johanna, 28

At first, Johanna’s periods got heavier and PMS more complicated, but those side effects are leveling out with time.

Evelyn, 28

Evelyn chose the non-hormonal IUD because it’s the longest lasting IUD available (up to 12 years!), which also makes it the most cost-effective.

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