How to be a happy third wheel

Step one—stop calling yourself a third wheel

New Year’s Eve is almost here, and parties are quickly approaching. Some of us might lace up new shoes, slip into glittery dresses, or get the perfect haircut for a glamorous night out. But for others, things might not be so glamorous. If you’re single and your night includes hanging out with a couple, it’s easy to feel like a the third wheel. But don’t fret, we have a three step plan for being the happiest third wheel around.

Step 1: Stop calling yourself a third wheel
Whether you’re the fun friend who makes everyone laugh, or you’re the quiet pal everyone trusts, you’re an asset to any squad. Instead of referring to yourself as a “third wheel,” consider yourself a “free agent” (like an amazing pro-athlete that every team is after). It’s easier to feel like you belong when you remember how amazing you are.

Step 2: Pick a solid couple to make cooler
Let’s face it—couples can be weird. Though you might feel like you’re interrupting their flow, you’re probably making them cooler just by shaking up their routine. So if you’re bringing sunshine to a lucky couple, make sure you pick the coolest couple around. Skip hanging with the pair that makes out all night. Run far from the duo that loves to fight in public. Choose to spend time with folks who adore you and make you feel good about yourself.

Step 3: Stay as long as it’s fun (and leave when you’re ready to go)
The best thing bout being part of a trio? You don’t have to feel bad for dipping out early. If you spot someone cute across the room, you don’t have to worry about abandoning your squad. You can hang out for as long as it feels fun, but if your energy wanes or you start to feel left out, don’t be afraid to leave early. After all, you’re the star.

If being the third wheel bums you out, you can always spend a little time by yourself instead. No matter what you do (or who you do it with), we hope you know how fabulous you are.

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