14 ways to celebrate V-day (especially if you’re single)

Who says Valentine’s Day is for lovers? We think it’s the perfect excuse to make some love with folks you adore. Whether you have a boo or you’re snuggling with your besties, we hope February 14th brings you more joy (and chocolate) than you can handle. Here are 14 ways to make the most of the day if you’re flying solo:

1. Stay calm
It’s so easy to get sucked into what everyone else is doing, but try to keep your cool. In a few more hours it will be over.

2. Be anti-social media
There’s nothing like a million romantic Instagram posts to make you feel like you’re missing out on something amazing. If social media displays of affection make you mad or sad, go on a social media diet for the day.

3. Treat yourself
Whether you spring for extra guacamole on your burrito, buy the shoes you’ve been eyeing, or take the scenic route home—find ways to spoil yourself. You’re allowed to be your own Valentine.

4. Host a Gal-entines Day
Whether or not you’re a “gal” doesn’t really matter. Grab your faves, and spend quality time together. That’s guaranteed to make your day spectacular.

5. Volunteer your time
Doing something for others provides a major mood boost. Find a local organization and donate some time, or make a cash donation—that helps too.

6. Schedule a check up
It might sound strange, but making time to see your provider is a great way to treat yourself well.

7. Write love notes to your friends
Not into letter writing? Send a text or a video message. The people in your life will be happy to know you care.

8. Update your undies
Most people don’t replace worn underwear as often as they should, and it can be a pretty simple way to make yourself feel sexier.

9. Swipe socially
Grab a few of your friends who use dating apps, switch phones, and swipe for each other. Good laughs with good friends can help take the pressure off of dating.

10. Build-a-bae
Build your bae with us! It’s basically a vision board for your heart.

11. Perform a random act of kindness
Buy Starbucks for the person behind you. Help someone with their bags–these small gestures can matter to a stranger more than you know.

12. Tell someone you love them
There are actual health benefits to being affectionate with the people in your life.

13. Remind yourself that you’re the sh!t
Some days we feel confident, and other days find us feeling a little less-than-great. When you do, try to find ways to remind yourself that you are amazing.

14. Make a playlist
There’s nothing like a dope playlist to help you shift your mood and boost your confidence.

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