September horoscopes: A fresh start is around the corner

New ideas, new opportunities, and maybe some new love interests

This month is all about new ideas, new opportunities, and maybe some new love interests. Get ready to explore some new places (and people), just make sure you stay safe and grounded—and keep an eye on your bank account in the process.


You’ve got an exciting new vision for a group or organization you’re a part of, and, in classic Virgo fashion, you’re committed to seeing it come to life. As a result, your love life probably feels less important than your work right now. Don’t be surprised though if you find out you’ve caught the eye of someone who admires your drive and focus. If you like the attention and the attraction is mutual, just wait until the end of the month to let things heat up.


You’ve got a million reasons to stay focused and disciplined this month (especially with your Libra instincts to keep things stable). Your attention right now is on your long-term financial and professional goals, which is a departure from your typical relationship-first attitude. But you’re also feeling a little rebellious and wanting to break out of stale patterns. Don’t suppress the urge to explore a new attraction to someone who isn’t your usual “type” or something that’s outside your usual bag of tricks in the bedroom. Your sex life may just thank you. Just make sure you’re protected against unplanned pregnancy and STIs while you explore, and keep in mind that these are just experiments. Your instinct to stay focused on you is a good one.


You’re really enjoying sex, love, and alone time with your partner this month, thanks to a surge of romantic energy in your life. You’re still crushing it at work or school, but it’s so nice at the end of a hectic day to come back to someone you can trust—and who knows just how to hit all the right buttons in bed. You might be really into planning for the future this month, and you may even be thinking about moving in with your partner. Just make sure you’re building a solid foundation for your plans. You don’t want to be too impulsive this month.


There’s something you’ve been putting off, and you might be feeling a sudden urge to “just DO it already.” Time to put that Sagittarius optimism and adventurous spirit into action. If you’ve been thinking about asking someone out, you may surprise yourself by suddenly going for it. If you’re in a relationship, you might start taking action on something the two of you have discussed for a long time, which might surprise your partner a bit. You’re feeling a sudden freedom from your usual ways of doing things, and you’re well-equipped to handle the change. This is a good month for you, Sagittarius, but keep in mind that by shaking things up, you might make more conservative types uncomfortable.


Your goals are shifting a bit this month. You’re finding your own unique balance right now, and it’s inspiring you to break out of some ruts. You’re feeling experimental, especially physically, so you might be trying some new things at the gym, on the yoga mat, and/or in the bedroom. Pushing your boundaries and testing yourself is fun. Beware of your Capricorn tendencies to be pessimistic and stubborn, which might be working against this burst of creative energy. At work, focus your energy on working smarter, not harder, to leave plenty of time for experimenting in your free hours.


September for you is all about getting sh*t done, whatever it takes. Despite this take-charge energy, you’re also feeling a bit needy, which is rare for you. You’re usually pretty comfortable riding solo and taking care of business yourself, but right now, you’re craving the company of others. It might feel a bit weird to put that extra energy into charming your love interest or spending quality time with your partner or friends, and that’s okay. You’re going through some changes, and you need extra support. Things will quiet down toward the end of the month, and you’ll find an easier rhythm then.


Get ready to spend a lot of time in bed (or in the shower, or on the kitchen counter) this month, finding new intimacy and pleasure with your partner. Things are heating up between the two of you, and there’s an opportunity to explore a new sexual dimension of your relationship. Single? You’re likely attracting the attention of a calm, quiet person who’s definitely been noticing you. As a Pisces, you know how easy it can be to lose yourself in romantic daydreams, especially when there’s a new character in them. Dive in, but remember to save some time and attention for your life outside of love and sex, too. You’ve built some amazing momentum in your professional life—don’t stop now.


Ready to take things to the next level with your love interest? You’re definitely into each other, and you’re feeling some of those classic Aries obsessive tendencies. It might be that you’ve gone through a big challenge together, and it’s making you feel closer than ever before. But be careful: it’s possible you’re not out of the woods yet, and this month has some speed bumps of its own in store. No matter what happens, make sure to stay mindful of your health (mental and physical), especially toward the end of the month. (That means staying on top of your birth control.)


There’s a strong sense of optimism growing in your heart, and it may feel like all of the things you’ve wanted are within reach. You’re likely putting a lot more of your resources—time, energy, money—into your goals as a result (especially mid-month). But be careful of doing too much, especially in your love life. If you’re in a relationship, don’t promise more than you can deliver. Set realistic expectations for yourself and your partner. Self-restraint is tough when you’re feeling so big and hopeful, but budget your resources now, and you’ll thank yourself later.


The world is your oyster this month, Gemini! You’re feeling dynamic, ambitious, and excited. Go with the extrovert energy you’re feeling and let yourself be drawn toward doing things with others (and less focused on your own little world). Teaming up with others will have big benefits this month, especially when it comes to meeting a potential new love interest. If someone has caught your eye, but you’ve both been playing it cool, get ready for things to heat up between the two of you toward the end of the month.


Fall’s settling in, but for you, Cancer, it feels like spring: romance is blossoming all around you. You’re exploring some thrilling new depths with your partner, and the excitement is something that’s getting you out of bed in the morning (or keeping you in bed way longer). The romantic vibes might put you in the mood for some extra beautification of your home or wardrobe. This is an opportunity to get in touch with your inner sense of beauty and attraction. Go for it, but be cautious of overextending your energy (and your bank account).


After a ferocious Leo season last month, you may be feeling a little unmotivated, like you’d rather lay around and luxuriate rather than put in extra hours at the office. Basically, you want to lounge in the sun like the lion you are. And your natural Leo longing for attention and affection is definitely strong this month. So if you’re feeling like all desire and little effort right now, don’t worry, Leo, it’s probably just a passing phase. Just be careful with your bank account. It’s good to indulge yourself, but not so good to go into debt while doing it.


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