March horoscopes: Nourishing body and mind

If February was the month for romance, March is the month for all forms of self-love. As we get ready to transition into spring, we’re scaling back, focusing on what’s important, and committing to giving ourselves what we need this month. Because no matter what your relationship status is, nobody else can do that for you.


Self-love can take many different forms. This month, for you, it may simply involve giving yourself the space and time you need to make important decisions. Sometimes you feel really pressured to act when you’re not ready to, and this is one of those times. Try something different. Rather than forcing yourself to be sure about something you’re not so sure about, take the time to quiet that rude, impatient inner voice, and just wait for the right decision to come to you. It’s likely that by the end of the month, you’ll have new information that you wouldn’t have had if you’d forced yourself into a choice sooner. As a result, you’ll feel far more sure about what you’re doing.


It may feel a bit like you’re on a seesaw right now. One minute, you’re soaring, and nothing seems to be able to get you down. The next, you’re weighed down with challenges you can’t seem to get out from under. The best way to love yourself right now is to take care of the practical details of your body in the midst of the insanity. You know, like getting enough (or any) water and resting. Though you’re typically far too focused on the big things to fret over the details, you may be surprised by how much better you feel when you focus on caring for yourself in little ways, too. And you might start to find the challenges you’re facing becoming more manageable as you do.


Putting in all those long hours at the office may have you feeling a bit pent up. And a Taurus with too much energy to kill may be a bit on the argumentative side. It’s time to get more embodied. You may need to shake up your usual workout routine to effectively move some of that energy around. Try something unconventional, like a hula hoop exercise class or trampoline park. You will totally thrive on something you’ve never tried before. (We know you’re a little suspicious of new things, but just trust us on this one.) You’ll feel better and your friends and family will thank you for the attitude adjustment it gives you.


You thrive on being where the action is, and life continues to throw you lots of amazing opportunities. You aren’t trying to waste any of them, so you’ve been taking on as much as you can handle. But this month you may need to consider whether you’ve actually been taking on more than you can handle. It could be that confusing and stressful situations that have come up between you and others could have been avoided if you’d had a little less on your plate and a little more mental space. This is a great month to say “no” instead of pushing through with that perpetual enthusiasm you Geminis are famous for. It may be hard at first, but think of it as you would any self-care: it’s an investment in your future self’s ability to make the magic happen.


Hate to break it to you, Cancer, but you have a huge build-up of feelings you’ve been ignoring lately, and this month is likely to bring them all out in a deluge. You are the nurturer of the Zodiac, but sometimes, you’re just all nurtured out, and need to receive some of what you usually give. This month is all about turning that loving care inward, because the only way out is through. You’re going to have to feel those painful feelings in order to let them go. So go deep into your crab shell, surround yourself with comfy things (and maybe a special comfy person?), and have a cry fest if you need to. Don’t worry. You’ll feel much, much better afterwards, we promise.


You may have noticed you have some pent-up energy lately, which could be causing you to be a little less patient and a little more aggressive. Though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to standing up for yourself and others, it may be causing a few situations with coworkers that are working against you rather than for you. Give yourself a Leo-sized helping of self-love this month by moving that extra energy out of your body. Dance, stretch, swim, lift weights, whip out your favorite sex toys (or hop into bed with your favorite partner)—do whatever it takes to work it out, friend. The endorphin high will balance you out, so you’ll be way more toned down when dealing with others.


Though you are the ultimate master of details, organization, and all things managerial, this isn’t the greatest month for feeling on top of things. Rather than getting upset over things you can’t control, it may be best to give yourself some extra self-care in the form of letting go. Finding it hard to let go? Maybe starting a meditation or yoga practice would be a good idea. Start by committing to just doing it once, then when you’ve done that a few times, commit to a week of daily practice. It’ll help you stop working those neurons so hard and give you a little space to breathe. Even you have to admit: it usually does all work out in the end.


You are the relationship master, and you really do give it all to the “other” in your life, whether that’s your partner, your bestie, your kid, or your cat. But sometimes, you need to let yourself be the center of your own world for a minute. This month, stresses may be mounting both at work and at home, and it’s just not going to be possible to maintain your usual focus on others. It could be that all you need is to talk to somebody who can truly listen and understand. But first, you have to accept that it’s okay for you to have needs. Don’t be afraid to call up the best listener you know and just ask for an ear. Chances are, your friend will be glad to have the chance to support you, and you’ll feel super nourished by receiving a little of what you give for a change.


You’re definitely a person who has intense feelings, and there may be some relationship situations that are causing you to feel a bit dark and stormy right now. Even with clear communication, you can’t always change how somebody else is showing up in an intimate situation with you, but you can change your own response to it. The best thing to do right now is spend some time alone doing some self-soothing while you process your feelings. Don’t avoid them, and don’t pour your energy into trying to control external factors. And hey, the good news is that things are likely to be far smoother by the end of the month.


When things are going super well, and you’re feeling nothing but high vibes, it can be hard to stop and take a break. Especially for somebody like you, who’s usually still partying long after everybody else has gone home. But sometimes, the best way to love yourself is to pause and get some rest. Don’t let FOMO keep you from getting that much-needed 8 hours of sleep. Even you, the perpetual adventurer, can get burned out from time to time. Your health may pay a price if you don’t listen to your body’s warning signs that it’s had enough. Don’t worry, it’s just a break, Sagittarius–you’ll be right back at it in no time!


Though you’re usually cautious and conscientious, never one to miss a dentist appointment, have you checked up on your sexual health lately? There may not be anything to be concerned about, but it’s a good idea to know what’s going on with all aspects of your health, and to be aware of any birth control options that may be right for you but that you didn’t know were available. You are, after all, taking this stuff more seriously lately, and it’s a good time to venture into deeper understanding of yourself. Your sexual health is always going to be central to that understanding. And who knows, you may discover some information that helps you give your body a little love and support you didn’t know it needed.


When’s the last time you unleashed your amazing creativity, Aquarius? Having the freedom to create something original is part of what gets you out of bed in the morning, remember? This is going to be a good month to divert your energy from the big causes you are usually spearheading and direct it to your own self-expression. Love yourself by lighting up your own creative world. It’ll breathe life back into you. Watch as the inspiration bleeds over into the other areas of your life, including your relationships, your community projects, and your work.

Happy March, bbs. Take your allergy pills.


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