Five things to try in bed when it’s too hot to touch another human

Get on, get off, and get outta there

Last week we brought you makeup hacks to help you beat the heat, but how is anyone supposed to have sex in this weather? Here are five ways to make it work:

1. Mutual masturbation

This is hands down (haha) the best way to have sex without touching, though you can always lend a hand if you want.

2. Oral or 69

Oral is a great way to avoid touching anyone else’s hot flesh with your hot flesh. It really minimizes the points of contact to just the barest essentials, which is a good thing in a heat wave.

3. Water sex

Sure, you could hop in a pool or the nearest body of water, but why go to all that trouble (and risk chlorine/bacteria/sand in your vagina) when you can DIY a body of water in your very own bathroom. Sex in the bathtub can be slippery, yes, and you might get some water on the floor (okay, lots of water), but it sure does keep things cool. Or go with the more traditional shower sex—we don’t discriminate!

4. Temperature play

August is the perfect time to test your hand at some temperature play (only with enthusiastic consent, of course). Try sucking on an ice cube and then going down on your partner—it’ll be just the refreshment you both need. Or hold the ice cube and let it drip icy cold water onto your partner during foreplay. Just don’t put ice directly on skin.

5. Watching tv in the room with the good air conditioner

This is an advanced move that’s only recommended for really secure couples. It’s called not having sex and instead sitting on opposite ends of the couch so you can’t feel the heat radiating off their skin.


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