Up your sexting game using only these emoji

15 emoji combos that say you're DTF

Sexting is probably the easiest way to let someone know you’re in the mood, but if you’re a beginner it can feel just as awkward or embarrassing as IRL dirty talk. We recommend the use of emoji if you find yourself in this situation, but don’t just stick with the basic 🍆💦—mix it up with these creative combos. And yes, feel free to copy/paste to your heart’s content.

  1. 🔛🔝🔜🤠🏇
  2. 👄👅🍯
  3. 🍩🌸🐱🌮💧
  4. 👉👌💥
  5. 🐇🐇🐇
  6. 🍑👀
  7. 🌽🌭🍗🥕🥖💦
  8. ⛓🔐
  9. 🛫🚀📈
  10. 🌋🍾🎉
  11. ⚡️☄️🔥🌶
  12. 🥅🏒💥
  13. ⛳️🏌️‍♀️🎆
  14. ⛲️🐳‼️
  15. 📥📭💓

Written by Lauren Kernan, MA

Lauren Kernan is the Director of Content and UX Strategy at Bedsider. In her spare time, she makes paper flowers for her Etsy shop, reads about body positivity, and watches videos of her nephew over and over.

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