We asked you why you love your birth control and here's what you said

Happy Thanks, Birth Control week!

This week, we celebrated Thanks, Birth Control Day. Which means that we heard from thousands of you about why you love and are grateful for your birth control. So we’re going to take a break from our regularly scheduled program of gushing about birth control to share other people’s gushing about birth control. Because frankly, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Here are just 21 of the reasons you (and we) are saying thank you to birth control:

1. For being the GOAT

2. For letting us do things in the order WE want

3. For helping with awful periods

4. Because it helps us space out pregnancies

5. For all the hot hot sex

6. For helping us manage PCOS

7. For saving us from having cavemen babies

8. For being the greatest decision of our lives

9. For helping us crush our goals

10. For letting us focus on our ranking as #1 aunt

11. Because it gives us the freedom to dream

12. For making sure NO ONE pukes on us but us

13. For helping us not procreate with idiots

14. For the gift of financial independence

15. Because our bodies are our business

16. For not making us choose between sex and pregnancy

17. For the confidence to try new things

18. For major mental health benefits

19. For clear skin and bigger boobs

20. For supporting us no matter our gender or sexuality

21. For doing it all


P.S. It’s not too late to say #thxbirthcontrol. Join the conversation.