11 things that are better than sex

You can do some of these things today

Yeah sex is great or whatever. But sometimes life brings a dry spell or a “not right now” phase. So we’re here to tell you that there are at least 11 things better than sex (and probably more than 11!). Here they are:

  1. Learning all the words to Castaways and singing it on repeat until your loved ones beg for mercy
  2. Having the whole row to yourself on a plane
  3. Not basing your sense of self-worth on whether someone else finds you attractive
  4. When the scissors do that gliding thing when you’re cutting wrapping paper
  5. Wearing whatever tf you want this summer
  6. Being vaccinated
  7. Taking a shower after not bathing for way too long
  8. The first bite of ice cream
  9. Hugging your friends for the first time in a year
  10. Eating food you didn’t have to make yourself
  11. Knowing you’ll retire someday


P.S. Bonus number 12: makeup that doesn’t melt off your face.

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