Five best sex positions according to your favorite coffee order

Why not combine the two things we love the most?

One of the internet’s best memes has to be the “Yeah, sex is cool, but have you ever…” prompt. What would you fill in that blank? For coffee lovers, a perfect cup of coffee might rival the most legendary romp in the hay. But no one should have to choose between their good times, right? If your favorite coffee drink order says something about your mood, try pairing it with a sex position. Yeah, coffee is cool, but have you ever matched your latté with your love life?

Ordering a Caffè Latte? Go for the missionary position.

A caffè latte, made with espresso and steamed milk, is one of the most recognizable, hits-the-spot coffee drinks on the planet. If you like your sex the way you like your coffee—classic and dependable—missionary style will get it done. The missionary position is iconic because of the access and intimacy it gives you and your partner.

Got a craving for dirty chai latte? Then hop on that reverse cowgirl.

A dirty chai latte is sweet, spicy, and creamy, with enough kick to keep it interesting. Chai lovers come for the spice but add a shot of espresso because they’re feeling frisky. If this sounds like your jam, we recommend the reverse cowgirl. One person rides on top for great control of their pleasure, but backwards, while giving their partner a “booty-full” view to look at. It’s a sweet and spicy twist on a fan favorite.

Cold brew is the one for you? Get the scoop on side spooning.

Cold brew coffee is all the rage these days for the smooth, low-acid taste it delivers. You can make it simple or complicated, but the base remains the same: rich coffee brewed slowly at cold or room temperature. That kind of tempo reminds us of sex while side spooning. You won’t get the thrusting leverage of other sex positions but, lying on your side makes it comfy for your limbs—and it offers access to hit the G spot! Sometimes slow and steady delivers the best results in both the kitchen and the bedroom.

You take black coffee, no sugar, no cream? You need to try the Lotus.

You are a deity among mortals who takes coffee black because of the pure flavor and strength of it. For this kind of vibe, no ordinary sex position will do. The Lotus is named after a yoga pose and it requires the flexibility and power of a person badass enough to drink their coffee black. One person sits cross-legged, and their lover straddles them, wrapping their legs around the sitting partner’s back. The penetrative angle, face-to-face intimacy, and full-body touching make the Lotus an exciting challenge.

Reaching for an iced coffee? The 69 is a win-win.

Iced coffee delivers the best of both worlds: refreshingly cold with the taste of coffee to give you the jolt you need. Sometimes you don’t want to commit to the heat, ya know? This is why the 69 position is perfect, for those times when you want the rush of sex without full-on penetration. Sharing oral sex with your partner can be a refreshing switch from your everyday nookie, while still giving you the goodies.

The best thing about both coffee and sex is that you can try whatever you like, whenever you want.

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