The top five Frisky Fridays of 2023

Join us on a walk through history

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve almost made it through 2023. To commemorate the occasion, here are the top five Frisky Fridays of the year—a collection of the year’s most tantalizing tips and candid counsel for your sex and love life. From ensuring your partner is purring with pleasure, to the nuances of aftercare that transform intimacy from fleeting to deep—these articles have it all covered. We’ve also tackled the tough talks, shining a light on relationship red flags and the crucial check-ins that keep partnerships polished.

And, because safety is sexy, we’ve thrown in a guide to buying condoms with all the swagger of royalty. Buckle up, because these highlights are about to take you on a wild ride through love, sex, and everything in between.

1. 7 ways to seduce your partner, inspired by weird stuff cats do

Get ready to act like a pussy—no, not that kind! (Well, sorta.) This cheeky guide shows you how to spice things up with feline-inspired moves. Think seductive stretches, playful pounces, and even a naughty nibble.

2. Do you have a sexual aftercare practice?

Post-playtime care isn’t just nice, it’s necessary. Sexual aftercare is all about emotional and physical TLC with your partner, from a tender kiss to a cozy cuddle or a shared shower. It’s these moments of connection that turn good sex into great intimacy.

3. 5 relationship red flags to look out for

If your relationship is waving one of these red flags, it might be time to pump the brakes. Remember: true love lifts you up, it doesn’t hold you back.

4. The art of the relationship check-in: Why, how, and when to do it

Regular relationship check-ins are like necessary housekeeping for your love life. They’re all about openly discussing everything from daily routines to emotional support and intimacy needs. Dive into these monthly chats to keep things smooth and avoid building up resentments.

5. How to buy condoms with confidence

Go get it, Prevention Queen! No shame in this game—here’s how to buy condoms with confidence.

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