Pillow talk: How to ask him to share the cost of contraception

Flowers. A mocha latte with extra foam. Tampons that time you were running low and he was already at the store. Your guy may treat you to some really nice things, but does he chip in toward your birth control? Do you want him to?

Sometimes you need to share the cost of contraception and sometimes you just want to feel like you’re both carrying equal weight. Either way, here are a couple ideas on how to approach the subject:

50/50 split. If you want him to pay for half, explain how much it costs and tell him that you’re cool with covering your own medical expenses, but would really appreciate it if he helped with the cost of your birth control. Helping him understand that it benefits both of you is a good thing.

This for that. If you’re comfortable covering the whole cost, you could ask him to take on another expense that you share. Try to think of something comparable in price and frequency, meaning if you pay $30 a month for the pill, he should cover something that costs around $30 a month too. This is particularly convenient if you live together.

Every little bit helps. Maybe he can only afford a small portion of the cost right now. You can always let him know that you understand, but that you’d appreciate any amount toward the expense. And sometimes you might find that all you need is for him to acknowledge that you’re taking responsibility for the worry-free sex you two are having.

Now, money is almost always a tricky subject, so you may feel hesitant or awkward. We’ve been there. The important thing is to honor your needs and express yourself openly and honestly. You can do this. And we bet you’re going to feel good about it afterward.

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