Foot fetish: What if your guy’s into your feet

First off, a clarification: Some guys are so in love with you that they’ll jump at the chance to paint your toenails or rub your feet. We’re not talking about them.

Then there are guys who rely on your feet to get off sexually. We are talking about them.

If your guy is showing A LOT of interest in your feet, and you think it’s a sexual thing, here’s some info to help you decide if you’re into it or not.

What is a fetish?
A fetish involves sexual arousal from a prop, body part, scene, or scenario. The fetish can be fantasy-play or based on reality. Of all the fetishes, the shoe and the foot fetish are the most common ones in Western society.

Should I be worried?
While his foot fetish might be a little surprising to you, it’s actually very normal. You can get a better understanding of it here.

What does a foot fetish really involve?
A man with a foot fetish might want to worship your feet, suck on your toes, massage your feet, get a foot job and come on your feet, have you walk on him, or have you rub your high heels or stocking feet in his face. He may be fixated on the size and shape of your foot, your toenails, your shoes, and the scent of your feet. (Get ready! He may ask to sniff your socks.) He may also like to tickle your feet.

What do I do if my guy has a foot fetish?
As long as you are comfortable with it, there’s nothing wrong with indulging your guy’s foot fetish. (Just make sure that he is also willing to do the things that get you sexually aroused too. It can’t just be about him and your feet.) We’re sure he’ll show you what he likes, so try to explore without worrying about any special moves. But, if you want to take some initiative, ask him for a foot massage. Then, as he rubs one foot, place the other foot in his lap and gently rub him until he’s hard. Gives new meaning to playing footsies.

Oh! And here’s a list of famous foot fetishists including guys like Big Boi and Jack Black. Who knows if it’s true…

Time for a pedicure,

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