Wondering how to start a conversation? Open your mouth and say…

Are you good at chatting up the barista when you grab your toasted marshmallow double latte, but sucky when it comes to talking to your crush? Let’s fix that.

“Hello, my name is” aka The First Conversation
If you can get past the fear factor of speaking to someone you’re attracted to—whom you have not met yet—this one is pretty easy. Smile and be curious. The smile makes you appear warm, confident, and approachable. The curiosity makes you irresistible. Why? Because people love attention and talking about themselves. Just make sure you ask questions that are relevant to this person. That way they’ll truly have something to say and you’ll have kicked off an authentic, engaging convo.

Check out People Skills Decoded or this article on WikiHow for specifics on how to ask good questions.

“Is it hot in here or is it just you?” aka The I’m-Into-You Conversation
When you and your crush have a connection and the flirting escalates to the point where sparks are flying, you can either go in for a kiss to communicate you’re into this person or you can say it. Yes, the kiss is hotter and probably more fun, but saying it is good too because it gives the person a chance to say it back. And that’s romance right there. Best part of all: this conversation is uncomplicated. Scientists have found that simply saying ‘I really like you’ can immediately make a potential partner find you more attractive.

For more tips, here’s a quick video on how to tell a guy you like him by Mary Daniels, an empowerment coach.

“Are you busy tonight at 3 a.m.?” aka The Are-You-DTF? Conversation
Sometimes falling into bed just sort of naturally happens. (Which is why we recommend birth control methods that always have you covered.) Other times, you need to initiate that first intimate moment. This could be handled non-verbally with some well-timed physical affection or you could find your own way to say, “I think we’re ready to have sex.” It might seem a little formal having to literally state that it’s time, but being direct is a good thing. And sex is a good thing. So if you are ready for it…say it, do it, use birth control, and enjoy it.

Make your move,

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