You, him, and Aunt Flow: Sex and your period

For most guys, choosing between period sex and no sex is a no brainer. They’re gonna choose period sex because having sex is always better than no sex.

But what about the blood? The smell? The mess? Doesn’t matter. Our guy friends have reported back to us and they all said the same thing: Period sex is no big deal. Here are a few tips if you decide to do it during that time of the month.

  • Have sex in the shower to avoid having to clean anything up.
  • The missionary position will minimize spillage. Avoid girl on top positions.
  • A diaphragm isn’t the most effective method, but it can help contain menstrual blood and make things less messy.
  • Period sex—like any kind of sex—can expose you and your partner to STIs. In fact, even more so because you’re bleeding. Use a condom.
  • You can get pregnant having sex during your period. Use birth control.
  • Bonus: Sex can help relieve cramps! Having an orgasm can actually shorten your period! Your period makes you more susceptible to having an orgasm!

Not into it? There are some birth control methods that delay your period.

Keeping it real,

P.S. Want to know which ones might shorten your monthly visitor? Compare methods on Bedsider.

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