What’s new in sex? It all depends on you

Homo sapiens have been having sex for 200,000 years. So it’s kind of hard to imagine that there’s anything new for us to do between the sheets. Hasn’t it all been done before?

Not necessarily.

Sure, there are technical advancements like the Mojowijo. And state of the art, awesome birth control options like the Skyla IUD, which can last up to 3 hassle-free years.

Then there are those articles that say they have new sex positions for you to try. (As if those moves were just invented now.) And if you want to know what’s current in the world of sex, you could always read about the trends in dating and sex.

But the real final frontier in sex is you. You and that sexy brain of yours. Your actions, feelings, and thoughts have everything to do with charting new territory in mind-blowing sex and limitless pleasure. That includes your body image; self-esteem; openness to intimacy; relationship issues; comfort with sensuality; and perceptions about sex.

So, if you feel like it’s time to push the boundaries of your sex life, you can learn new, specific tricks, but more importantly, you can also open yourself up to new, powerful experiences in closeness; intensity; trust; vulnerability; control; and love.

How do you do that? Well, that’s an individual thing. It can range from self-help (like going to therapy) to tackling fears on your own (like letting your partner worship you naked even though you worry about your body). We recommend zeroing in on what’s holding you back the most and compassionately working on that thing first. You can start with books or articles on that thing and go from there.

Now, releasing inhibitions or hang-ups isn’t always easy, but if done on your own terms, in a way that makes you feel empowered, it’s always worth it. That’s when you’ll really expand your sex life and discover all kinds of new things…about yourself and sex.

Have fun out there,

P.S. New health care laws mean birth control is more affordable than ever. Maybe you could save money on your method.