Put a ring through it: Piercings and sex

Sexual fulfillment. Fetish fun. Pure decoration. Genital piercing is highly personal and there are a thousand different reasons why someone would want a J-bar through their clitoral hood or a titanium ring through their penis. Curious? Crossing your legs in fear? Considering one of your own? Here’s a short primer on piercings.

  • History. From Aboriginal Australians to the lip piercings worn by the Nunivak tribes in North America, here’s a concise historical overview of body modifications and adornment.

  • A piercer’s perspective. J. Colby Smith, a piercer at New York Adorned, wrote a great piece about his work for Into The Gloss. Check out some of his famous clients and his work.

  • Sex and all that metal. Wondering what it feels like to have sex with genital piercings? From foreplay to the final thrust, this article covers every detail from a woman’s point of view. (She and her partner are both pierced.)

  • New sensations. Here a piercer explains the sexual stimulation you can expect from piercings. (Although your mileage may vary.)

  • How painful/erotic/fabulous is it to get your clitoral hood pierced? We’re sure it’s unique for everyone. This girl’s story is actually adorable.

  • How painful/erotic/fabulous is it to get your penis pierced? They don’t numb you. (And there’s talk of snagging!)

  • What’s the difference between a Prince Albert and an Isabella? Here’s a list of male and female genital piercing names. Get ready for a metal-and-flesh eyeful if you click on anything. (NSFW!)

  • Healing issues. The Piercing Bible’s blog reads like a Dear Abby column for people who are pierced and having problems. Infections and other medical concerns, placement issues, scars… avoid if you’re squeamish. (NSFW)

Pierced or not, we hope you’re having phenomenal sex and using effective birth control. (And please don’t ever get your nether regions snagged on anything! That freaks us out.)


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