Frisky Friday Top 5: How to get lucky on St. Patrick's Day

Green beer. Green dress. Green bra. Green “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” condoms. Saint Patrick’s Day is Monday, March 17th, and we know a lot of you are getting ready to celebrate it. If your plans include looking for love—or hooking up with a lad or lass—here are some traditional Irish superstitions that may bring you luck on your quest. (Or they might make you want to curl up in bed and watch The Craft. What? Just us?)

1. Keys and Knots
They say keys are lucky because they unlock opportunities. And knots are supposed to represent commitment and keep a lover tied to you. To use these charms, buy a blank key, paint it red, and add it to your keychain or tie knots in a ribbon and pin it inside a purse or wear it hidden someplace in your clothes.

2. Shamrock
You probably know that finding a four-leaf clover is good luck, but there’s a love ritual that goes with it. Supposedly, if a woman consumes a four-leaf clover while thinking of the one she desires, that person will eventually be hers. (Full disclosure: This may make you yack, so do it at your own risk.)

3. Full Moon
One Irish superstition calls on the guardian of the night breeze to help with love. If you walk beneath the bedroom window of your crush—on a night with a full moon—between 12 midnight and 1 a.m.—and whisper their name three times to the wind—apparently they’ll fall in love with you. (Notice we italicized whisper. Getting tipsy and yelling their name may have the opposite effect.)

4. Snails
Curious about the person you might marry? Put a snail on a plate sprinkled with flour. Cover the plate and let it sit overnight. In the morning, the initial of your future spouse will be on the plate, traced by the snail. (Then wash that plate like there’s no tomorrow. Because snail slime icks us out.)

5. Cake
While this one is a little detailed, we’re on Team Cake so we’re willing to try. Take a piece of wedding cake and neatly smush it three times through a wedding ring. Then sleep on it. (You might want to put it in a baggy first unless you want frosting on your sheets.) That night you will see the face of whom you might marry in a dream.

Now, if you try these and don’t find what—or who—you’re looking for, remember what Carl Sagan said: Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. We’re quite certain your next big love or lust is waiting to be known too.

Adh mor ort,

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