It takes two to make it outta sight: How to involve another person in your birth control decisions

For many women, going on birth control is a very personal decision that’s often made without a partner’s involvement. And we totally support that. However, if you’re in a relationship, it might be more fun to try new methods and make decisions together.

Being In The Moment

Wish you could go at it without stopping to remember the birth control? For spontaneous, pregnancy-free sex, Bedsider lists IUDs and the shot, patch, ring, implant, and pill as the best reversible options (in comparison to sterilization, which is permanent).

To get your partner involved in choosing one of these methods, start by pointing him towards our Guy’s Guide. It covers dude-savvy basics so guys know what to expect from each method. Then watch men and women discuss how it really feels to use different types of birth control.

As you explore your options, it might be a good time to talk about sharing costs, dealing with side effects, and how these methods can change your sex life. While all of these reversible methods are ultimately a woman’s responsibility, hopefully getting him involved will make your birth control upgrade something you’re both excited about.

Going Condom-Free

1 in 2 sexually active people will contract an STI by the time they’re 25. Quite frankly, those odds suck and illustrate why it’s so important to use condoms every time you have sex. But, if you and your partner think it’s time to go without condoms, here’s a great list of what you need to talk about and do in order to keep things as safe as possible.

Exploring What Feels Best

We want you to use the most effective method that suits your body and lifestyle, but we also want your birth control to bring you and your partner pleasure. (Finally! This is where trying things out can be really enjoyable.) Have fun using different kinds of lube and condoms to see which ones feel best. Or take a break from roll-on condoms to experience the unique sensation of an internal condom (a.k.a. female condom). Or try several over-the-counter methods to see which ones make you feel less inhibited in bed. Don’t stop until you find a method that you both love. (But you might want to double up if you’re using over-the-counter methods, just to be safe.)

Ultimately, whether you have a partner or not, we encourage you to take charge of your reproductive health because that’s the best way to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. But, if there is someone whose opinion matters, why not make birth control something fun to discover together?


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