Shake it up: How to add a little oomph to your weekend

Weekend getaways will work. So will making time to set the mood. Wearing lingerie can do it. So can the right birth control. We’re talking about things that can add some oomph to your love life. But for those of you who’ve been there, tried that…here are a few more things you can have fun with to shake up your weekend and the bedroom.

“O” For Two

  • Go at it high-school style. Get really into it over your clothes, under your clothes, and do everything but… This teasing and tempting should build into a fiery blast of I-want-you-now. When the we-can’t-take-any-more moment happens, that’s when you can do it. (Just take care of the birth control before you start.)

  • Neck and ears. This is your assigned territory. Let your lips dwell here in an attempt to make your partner melt. Linger. Taking your time and creating new sensations in these sensitive areas will definitely get them going.

  • We research sex positions a lot and it’s been a long time since one made us want to run home and try it. Superhero’s Delight did that. Google it. When you’re not a work. (And be really careful if you try it. It’s—ahem—advanced.)

Solo “O”

  • Download some erotica (Amazon has it), get your headphones on, get in bed, and get inspired by stories of lust and love.

  • Indulge your inner mermaid. Spend your alone time in a sensual bath or shower.

Spaghetti “O”

  • Cook together. (If you already do that, then cook something new and challenging together.) Don’t divvy up the tasks. Do all the prep together, appreciating your differences and your contributions.

  • If you’re over 21, invent a signature cocktail. You’ll want it to represent you alone or you as a couple, so get creative and base it on something like a trip you took, your fave flavors, where you live, or where you met. Don’t forget to name it and write down the recipe.

Report back and let us know how it goes.


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