Frisky Friday Top 5: More awesome destinations (where we want to have sex)

Our first batch of dream hotels were sexy as hell, but a little posh and pricey. This summer, we still want to travel, but on a tighter budget…mostly. So, here are a few more of our favorite hotels for getting it on—and some are really affordable. Let’s go!

  1. Tokyo Kiba Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
    Japanese capsule hotels basically provide a small tube for you to sleep in. They stack the tubes on top of each other and fit them with a little bedding and a little light, and men and women usually sleep on different floors. Kiba Hotel is different. It lets couples share a double capsule and they provide groovy glowing pink bath water in their spa tubs down the hall—perfect for pretending you’re doing it in some futuristic scifi fantasy locale. (Under $50 a night.)

  2. Chaaya Lagoon, Hakurra Huraa, Maldives
    Stay in an over-water bungalow and gaze through the glass-bottom floor as exotic fish swim by. Then join them as you climb off your private deck into the turquoise lagoon that’s supposedly warm like bathwater. There’s no wifi (yikes!) but there is a king-size bed (yes!).

  3. Riad Lakhdar, Marrakech, Morocco
    Gently bubbling courtyard fountains. Wrought iron balconies, ornate tile work, and beautiful stained glass. A hamam next door. And vibrantly colored rooms that seem to glow like jewels in the sun. We’d take any room and turn it into a magic carpet ride…if you know what we mean. (Under $60 a night.)

  4. The Nest at Treebones Resort, Big Sur, California
    Climb the ladder into this rustic, outdoor human nest surrounded by interwoven branches and you’re not just camping…you’re living like robins, hawks, and hummingbirds. Zip your sleeping bags together and lay them on the futon mattress as you watch the sun set over the Pacific. The birds and bees do it in (or near) trees and so will you. ($150 a night.)

  5. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Saariselä, Finland
    Two words: Glass. Igloo. In winter, you’ll sleep surrounded by snow in your own crystal-clear sphere. And if you book one between August and April, you’ll fall asleep under the hypnotic Northern Lights. They look absolutely magical, but magic doesn’t come cheap. (Over $500 a night.)

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