Frisky Friday Top 5: Sex positions inspired by nature

This is how birds do it. This is how bees do it. And here are a few positions to try when you feel like doing it animal—or insect—style.

  1. The Dragonfly
    This one starts out with some snuggling, then a little spooning, then the dragonfly magic happens. Here’s how to do it: As you’re spooning, take your free, outside leg and move it up and over so it overlaps their hip and wraps behind them. This position is cozy and lets them hold on to you or explore your body.

  2. Starfish
    It’s not fast like a marlin or ferocious like a shark, but the cute, little starfish does have a position named after it that looks like missionary with a star-like twist. (And there’s reverse starfish too.)

  3. The Spider Web
    Arachnids have eight legs. This position takes inspiration from them and will use your legs in an interesting way.

  4. The Galloping Horse
    One word: Giddyup! Look this one up, but it’s NSFW.

  5. Kneeling Fox
    Did you know that wearing socks during sex may increase your chances of having an O? It’s true. Maybe this position should be called fox in socks for extra awesomeness. When you search this one, keep in mind it’s also NSFW.

And while you’re getting wild, don’t forget the birth control.


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