Bed-rocking, boot-knocking playlist: 9 songs to set the mood

Heart racing. Skin tingling. Breath catching. We’re talking about music. Sometimes when you hear a great song, it’s like you can feel it.

That feeling’s not just in your head. Music can give you chills and goose bumps, just like sexual arousal can. It also triggers some of the same chemicals released in your body during orgasm. So why not get more bang for your, well, bang, by playing music that turns you on while you’re getting off?

Here are some themes—and some tunes—to inspire your next bedroom playlist.

Get close

Emotional intimacy can be a huge turn on—and a key to hot sex. Keep track of songs that you and your partner love to vibe to together and play them when you’re getting it on.

Spell it out

Can talking dirty increase your pleasure? Dirty or not, research suggests that saying what you want helps you get what you want in bed. Plus, clear communication helps make sure you’re both on the same page in the bedroom. Talking about sex can be awk, but here are a few tips to make it easier. You can also select some songs to help get the message across.

Treat yourself

Setting the mood is not just for sex with a partner. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, a solo session can energize you or help you de-stress. So get into it. Pick your soundtrack, dim the lights, and try out some aromatherapy. You deserve it.

BTW, music is just one of the tricks on our list for a steamy night. Share what’s on your list in the comments. (Or keep it your little secret if that’s more fun.) Oh, and before you hit play, make sure your birth control’s covered.


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