January extended horoscopes: Electric 2017

Whether 2016 rocked your world or left something to be desired, it’s time to let go and look forward to a new year. From what we can see, 2017 is buzzing with opportunities for growth, love, and amazing sex. See what’s in store for your sign in January and beyond!


What to expect in 2017: This year is all about persistence and determination in relationships. You’ll be practicing and perfecting your relationship skills, and the bigness of what you desire in partnership is swelling through you. Your resolve to succeed will keep you strong when shocks and surprises threaten to throw you off your game. A powerful new dose of intense physicality in your sex life may blow the top off your prior limitations.

Important dates: The end of June brings you to a potent focus point for a major relationship decision. The decision may not be easy, but you’ll have the focus and clarity to figure out what’s best, and following your own good sense will feel rewarding. Between September 20th and October 13th your demure, understated sexuality will drive your lover (or potential lover) crazy—in a very good way. Underneath your all-business exterior, a strong, sexy warmth draws you to the bedroom frequently, where sex will be loving and satisfying.

Your January prediction: You’re already making huge plans for the year, but the best way for you to kick off 2017 is by relaxing. (Do it while you can because things’ll get crazier later in the year.) A sensitive connection is spearheading your arousal nature. It’s like your sexuality is surging from your deepest inner truths this month, and the flowing physicality might be overwhelming. Stay grounded by focusing on clarity and honesty in your relationships.


What to expect in 2017: The normal challenges of life may feel far away this year as you ride the current of growth, change, and opportunity. The excitement leads you to soaring highs in relationships and fresh enthusiasm in sex. Your relationship may see turbulence at times, but your cool Aquarian logic will straighten out the distortion and keep things on track. This should also be a great year for your finances.

Important dates: The end of May will feel a bit zany, bringing just the blend of odd and interesting that revs your engine. This is a good time to make sexy plans with your partner, enter new depths of mental connection, or flirt with a new crush. In late September and early October, you’re releasing old hang-ups and ideas about sex and freeing yourself to jump more deeply into your physicality. Sex will be especially natural, fun, and easy-flowing, so take the opportunity to romp and play!

Your January prediction: Explore honesty and boundaries in relationships—especially when it comes to material things. Giving of yourself is something you do for the betterment of humankind as a whole, but on the individual level sometimes you have to cut the cord. Your relationship will thrive if you’re clear about your needs. The end of the month should bring brightened energy and erotic currents, which will help sweep away any lingering winter blues.


What to expect in 2017: More than ever, you may find yourself flowing deep with the synergy in your relationship. Your sex life enters a phase of refinement, and you draw out your partner’s sensitivity in a new way. Enjoy the connection, but don’t lose yourself—strive to be interdependent, not codependent. When changes begin to shake things up, try to approach them as opportunities for clarity.

Important dates: January is a powerful month for you, when you may find romantic dreams becoming reality. This is a wonderful time to swim in the ocean of love (and make lots of it). Sex will feel sweet and tender in the way that only a Pisces can truly appreciate. In mid-November, energies intensify, penetrating deep parts of your psyche. This helps love grow to juicier depths of vulnerability, even if it comes through a bit of conflict. The raw stuff that emerges will make for soul-piercing and powerful sex!

Your January prediction: Winter may be dark and gray, but your world has burst into technicolor. (Love goggles are a powerful thing.) Long, languid cuddles and emotional love-making may consume many of your days and nights. Though it’s not an easy time to be clear with reality, try not to get caught in illusion. Intermingle your sensitive flow with equal parts work and fantasy.


What to expect in 2017: You’ve been through a lot of change over the last few years, but this year turns up the dial. You may experience some shocking shifts as you pursue the electric currents that pulse through your love life. 2017 asks you to merge powerful expansion with powerful changes. Time for you to wear your sexiest look: courage and authenticity!

Important dates: If the year started out with a little love confusion, May will be a power month that helps you get back on track. You are learning about what you really want, with no shortage of love options to teach you. Late spring is a great time to hone the balance of independence and partnership. Things heat up for you (and we don’t mean the weather) in late August and early September. You’ll take extra pride in your sexy spark and be very direct in your desires. Let your sex life blossom with your creative physical expression.

Your January prediction: A sudden surprise may send you on an unforeseen journey, while excitement brews in your relationship. Things may feel like a rollercoaster of happenings, but don’t forget to explore the subtler sides of your heart. Even though you’re a courageous Ram, you also have a sensitive side. Around the 28th, the electric currents steady and you’ll feel a stronger sense of status quo.


What to expect in 2017: Whether you’re in a relationship or searching for what you want in love, this passion-heightening year will reveal your own endurance. You are continuing to take sex to satisfying new depths, receiving new epiphanies about your own needs and your lover’s. This is a good year to set the cruise control—you seem to be going the right speed in love and success!

Important dates: In late June and early July, your libido gets an intense increase and the love comes easily. Watch what happens when you make a special dessert—the kitchen and sex are intimately related during this time. Your sexual magnetism peaks in the first week of October and you may find your autumn filled with passion and excitement. Your strong willpower expresses itself with graceful diplomacy to get you what you want in love and in the bedroom.

Your January prediction: Your social life may seem to be swimming in drama this month, especially around the new year. Good thing you are the grounded one in your group! Consider pulling back from your friends a bit and diving into your private fantasy world instead. This is a great month to find (or maybe write) some new erotica. You may find yourself seduced by laziness—feel free to take it easy, but watch your finances if you’re tempted to splurge on expensive luxuries.


What to expect in 2017: You’ve been on the path to recovering energy and confidence in love—and this year brings a welcome ego boost. You’re learning to balance boundaries in love with your boundless, free spirit. You have a better handle on the rules of the love game and how to win. This is a great year to attract a new lover who really gets you, or to rekindle romance with your current sweetie.

Important dates: The first week of February will bring vitality and success, both in your bank account and between the sheets. You’ll be on point in your flirtation game and in how you show yourself off. (It’s a great time to shop for some sexy new threads!) July 15th to 30th will be a high point of flowing, romantic energy, ushering in fresh opportunities. The second half of July also presents a power moment for making an important relationship choice that could set the tone for the rest of the year.

Your January prediction: Your relationships are enriched by delicious intimacy—especially at the beginning of the month—and you’re emotionally available for your boo and your friends. Don’t let that availability get you entangled in confusion. You’re a wonderful mediator, but it’s not your job to work out everybody’s drama. You have the potential to bring some powerful emotional depth to sex this month if you don’t let your physical energy get scattered and drained.


What to expect in 2017: This year you are feeling the urge to expand your horizons, make new friends, fall deeply in love, and have the best sex of your life! Some days, you might feel like you’ve got to do it all at once, but please remember to pace yourself. Transformative energies are working on your love life and it’s a potent time for surprises. Do what you can to make sure they’re good surprises—and make sure your birth control is ready for all the amazing sex.

Important dates: January is a wonderful month to reach new depths of intimacy through empathy and vulnerability. This can lead you to a new intuitive understanding of your partner or crush. Get ready to activate your inner love guru! November will be marked by a seductive, intense sexuality, and the lovers you attract may be powerful. If you’re drawn to explore your darker side, just watch out for obsessive behaviors in yourself or in others. If you’re looking to expand your dating horizons, you’ll have your chance around November 13th.

Your January prediction: You’re especially sensitive this month, including when it comes to your health and exposure to germs. Take good care of yourself and be extra cautious when it comes to STIs. Your empathic loving heart may make you prone to putting others before yourself. Remember to take a break from being the giver periodically and to be straightforward about your needs and desires.


What to expect in 2017: Steady progress is the name of the game. You’ll see clear signs that you’re on the right track in your love life—and clear indications of the things that need to change for you to go the distance. You are working hard while also enjoying health and vitality in sex and love. You may find yourself flirting and playing more in social groups this year. Take advantage of all the interaction to refine your 2017 look.

Important dates: Your social life reaches a pinnacle in May. You’ll probably be flooded with invites and have lots of opportunities to meet a love interest or fling. Sex will be spontaneous and fun and may blossom out of some good-spirited competition with your partner. December will be all about adventure. Whether your wanderlust brings you to the airport or the bedroom, you’ll be in for something new. Lovers may blaze into your life as fiery catalysts for sexual exploration, and the love highs may be intense but fleeting. Enjoy the moment and stay open-hearted and safe!

Your January prediction: Your love life is especially subject to emotional changes this month. Though you are a steadfast, loyal lion in love, mysterious feelings may emerge in your relationship, possibly causing you or your partner to question its stability. Fear not—you can keep your relationship and your sex life on track by being open and honest with each other.


What to expect in 2017: The bad news is you’re vulnerable to illusion in your relationships this year. The good news is you’re holding influence and power in a way you may not even recognize. Own it so you can wield it effectively. Your approach to sex brings a new intensity, endurance, and passion that will leave you calling the shots. Call ‘em like you see ‘em in your daily relational matters, even if life isn’t always clear cut.

Important dates: Your sexual magnetism reaches an all-year high between September 20th and October 13th, especially around the 5th of October. Your libido and powerful drive for affection give you a dynamic energy that’s hard to resist. People will notice when you walk into a room, and dating should be easy breezy. In mid-November you’ll find a powerful, delicious moment to be emotionally vulnerable in your sex life. You may find yourself flowing naturally into a relationship situation where you want to bare your soul. BTW, this may lead to some of the most mind-blowing sex of your life, so have your birth control covered.

Your January prediction: The start of the new year is an ideal time to step back and look at how your vision of a perfect relationship compares with your actual relationship reality. Talking through the comparison with a trusted friend can help you gain clarity. You may find yourself feeling more romantic than usual, especially around the 13th. You’ll be more interested in emotional connection than fierce flames of passion, so it could be a good time to explore a gentler approach to sex.


What to expect in 2017: Get ready for a roller coaster ride of surprises in love, luck, and success. This year will bring gratitude and good fortune, and the feeling of togetherness in your relationships will see you through life’s sudden shifts. Sex this year may be more experimental and exciting than usual. You may experience some big changes, but trusting the fates will bring you out on top.

Important dates: Expect some major changes in April. Pay special attention to your sex and relationship choices (or to those of your significant other), since they’ll set the tone for the rest of the year. Avoid making sudden moves and stay laser-focused on your deepest truth. The last week of August bring lots of warm smiles and sweet love-making. This is a great time to show off your Libran ability to figure out exactly what your lover wants and make it happen with finesse.

Your January prediction: Your heart and your head may be telling you different things and you may find you’re at a fork in the road where love is concerned. Try going with the flow around January 13th rather than deferring to your Libran logic—you may notice better results from feeling rather than thinking (especially in bed!). Clarity emerges around the end of the month and you’ll be able to navigate love’s labyrinth more easily.


What to expect in 2017: Just like it can take time to build up to a great orgasm, you are working your way towards a powerful explosion in life. Steadily apply momentum and focus to get what you want. Over the course of 2017 you’ll find lots of prime moments for love and sex, all propelling you to the grand finale at the end of the year. Enjoy the ride.

Important dates: Expect a sweet, steamy, soulful start to the year in January with lots of loving to keep you warm between the sheets. January looks like a good time to unlock some of your partner’s sexiest secrets and expose some of your own. If you’ve been waiting for big love returns, the second week of November will deliver. You seem to have awakened the juicy core of your sexuality and if you’re in a relationship, you may find yourselves connecting on a whole new level.

Your January prediction: This is an introspective, vulnerable time for you. Prepare to expose more of your soul and deepen your game in the bedroom. Your emotions are strong, and many of your days may be devoted to those special cuddles that lead to sex. Keep an eye on the bank account, since it’ll be easy to let the world fall away. Whatever you’ve got going on between the sheets, keep your mind satisfied. You’ll be craving fantasy worlds and erotica to lose yourself in—and to get sexy ideas from!


What to expect in 2017: Love’s shifts and changes over the past couple years are starting to make sense in a new way—even though there’s more change to come. You balance experimentation and caution in your sex life, remembering that you are an adventurer but also aware of love’s limitations. Sudden relationship curveballs may test your temperance, but you’re harder to knock off center than ever before. Embrace the opportunities that come your way and your natural optimism will get you through any storm.

Important dates: Get ready for lots of excitement and change in May. It won’t be the most stable time, but some high-speed love action will ignite your Sagittarian fires. Embrace the flow and see where this romantic adventure takes you, but don’t lose your balance in the process. Around mid-August, a surge in confidence, desire, and energy fills you with passionate vitality. This is a perfect time to work out with your partner and let the sweat and endorphins double as foreplay. You’ll even have energy left over to put towards whatever project you’ve been wanting to complete this year.

Your January prediction: Love will draw on your sensitive side and may make you feel like indulging and escaping. Sex may be especially emotional this month. Clarity isn’t a strong point right now, so apply your energy to delving inward and feeling, not burning your flames towards a murky goal. Luckily, you’re in accomplishment mode, so even if you don’t have a clear goal, you won’t have trouble keeping a pulse on your work life.

Enjoy every minute,

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