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Birth control
Insured but still paying for birth control? Time to investigate!
New government FAQs make it crystal clear that health insurers really have to cover all birth control methods.
Activism & politics
Save birth control access for millions of Americans!
Think everyone should be able to plan their family regardless of their income? Tell Congress now.
Birth control
Birth control users saving big thanks to the Affordable Care Act
A new study shows that pill users alone are saving $1.4 billion a year in out-of-pocket costs.
Health care
Men’s health and the Affordable Care Act: What’s covered?
Here’s what’s covered (and what’s not) under the Affordable Care Act when it comes to men’s sexual health.
Healthy year alert: 8 keys to success in 2018 and beyond
National Women's Health Week is the perfect excuse to get on top of your health, in and out of the bedroom.
Birth control
Maryland takes birth control coverage to the next level
Come 2018, Maryland plans to be pretty much the best place ever for insured people who need contraception.
Birth control
Health insurance perks, from A to Z
Sexual health benefits for people with insurance under the ACA go well beyond birth control.
Birth control
Know your rights: Anti-discrimination protections in the ACA
Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act may not have the sexiest name, but it gets us awfully excited.
Thinking about an IUD or an implant? Go for it
If you’ve been on the fence about trying long-acting birth control, there’s no time like the present.
Birth control
Getting charged for birth control? Look into it
If you're still being charged a copay for your birth control, pharmacy coding errors could be to blame.
Activism & politics
Town halls and phone calls: Join the fight to protect birth control access
It’s time to get up-close-and-personal with your senators.
Birth control
Got health insurance? Hello, birth control options!
Full coverage of birth control under the Affordable Care Act should be kicking in right about…now.
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