Birth control pill
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Birth control pill
Alyssa, 19, the pill
When I only have it once every three months, it’s just so much easier.
Pregnancy & fertility
While you're in there: Birth control for right after having a baby
Crib? Check. Lamaze classes? Check. Postpartum birth control plan? Make sure that’s on your checklist too.
Birth control pill
Can the pill protect you from ovarian cancer?
Congrats, pill users: Your method's got perks!
Birth control
The pill, only when you get lucky
Imagine: things get hot and heavy, you pop a pill, and bam—you're covered against pregnancy.
Birth control
Stress, depression, and birth control…
Stressed or depressed? Low-maintenance birth control could mean one less thing to worry about.
Birth control
Good call, ladies! IUD use is up in the U.S.
More U.S. women are choosing super-effective reversible birth control.
Birth control pill
Black market birth control? Let's go with no...
To state the obvious, buying counterfeit birth control can be bad news.
Birth control
Earth Day Reminder: Birth Control is Green!
Worried about the environment? Ditching your birth control is not the answer.
Emergency contraception
IUD use is up—but not when it comes to emergency contraception
The copper IUD is the most effective EC option around, so why don't more people use it?
Birth control ring
The ring's got perks
Shopping for a new method? This one may be worth trying on.
Birth control pill
Science gets behind using the pill for pain
Studies show that the pill has perks besides preventing unplanned pregnancy...
Pregnancy & fertility
Know what’s risky? Pregnancy.
Just another reason why you should get on birth control...
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