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How to avoid 6 common condom problems
Condom trouble? First, don't give up. Second, make sure you're using the right condoms the right way.
Implant (Nexplanon)
Love your implant? Keep it for up to five years
Research shows the implant works for even longer than we thought—all you have to do is leave it in.
Pregnancy & fertility
While you're in there: Birth control for right after having a baby
Crib? Check. Lamaze classes? Check. Postpartum birth control plan? Make sure that’s on your checklist too.
Emergency contraception
Emergency contraception: Why the weight?
Research suggests that emergency contraceptive pills may not work as well for women over a certain weight.
Birth control
Breaking News: A big win for emergency contraceptive access
Allowing access to emergency contraception without a prescription is a win for women of all ages.
Birth control
Fertility unawareness
Do YOU know when in their cycle a person is most likely to get pregnant? If so, please tell a friend.
Birth control
Stress, depression, and birth control…
Stressed or depressed? Low-maintenance birth control could mean one less thing to worry about.
Birth control
Good call, ladies! IUD use is up in the U.S.
More U.S. women are choosing super-effective reversible birth control.
Birth control
Male birth control gel? Keep that bubbly on ice...
Hormonal birth control could be on its way, but hold off on the champagne toasts for now.
Birth control
The more you know...
...the better you'll be at avoiding an accidental pregnancy.
Birth control
Before you panic about condom problems...
Recent headlines about condom failure don't take into account the source.
Birth control
Condoms in college
Drinking in moderation just might be the college key to success.
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