Patient-provider communications
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Sexual Health and Wellness
Why (and how) providers should get consent in the exam room
Using the principles of explicit consent to give patients better care
Sexual Health and Wellness
How to tell if your telehealth provider is protecting your privacy
Telehealth providers have to abide by HIPAA just like in-person providers
Sexual Health and Wellness
What telehealth is (and isn’t) and why you should use it to get your birth control
Skip the stress, get your BC delivered
Sexual Health and Wellness
How to tell when it’s time to switch providers
Going to the doctor shouldn’t make you feel powerless or violated
Birth Control
Six things your provider wishes you knew about birth control
No, it doesn't affect your fertility
Birth Control
I chose sterilization, and I’ve never looked back
Why sterilization gave me a sense of peace that no other method has
Birth Control
I’ve had my IUD for three years, and I love it more every year
Why this hands-free birth control is so perfect for me
Sex and Relationships
Sex in the news: September 2019 edition
Lifestyle and Inspiration
How the Title X gag rule will affect you if you’re pregnant and don’t want to be
And how it might also affect you if you’re not pregnant
Sexual Health and Wellness
My doctor almost sterilized me without telling me
How bias can compromise our health care
Sexual Health and Wellness
Can you get quality health care as a Black, disabled person?
Spoiler alert: yes, you can, but it’s really, really hard
Sexual Health and Wellness
I experienced racial bias in my postpartum care
It matters how providers talk to women of color about birth control
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