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Better sex
Last-minute safer sex tips
Because it's never too late to prioritize your safety
Self-love & body positivity
Step away from the ice cream: How to mend a broken heart
Boundaries & consent
How to tell if you’re in an abusive relationship
1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. Here are a few things to look out for.
Boundaries & consent
Was it rape? Thinking about consent and unwanted sex
If you had a sexual experience and you think it might have been assault, we have some questions you can ask yourself.
Birth control
Ovarian cysts: No biggie, but birth control can help
Everything you never wanted to know—but probably should—about your ovaries.
Self-love & body positivity
Head over heart: 6 times when you shouldn’t just go with the flow
You have more power than you think. Here are six scenarios when you should use it to get what you really want.
Birth control
Which medications can mess with birth control?
Certain meds do interfere with birth control—not most antibiotics, though.
Not awkward: 5 tips for talking to anyone about sex and birth control
From your guy to your gyno to your girls, here’s how to get the conversation started.
The best way to fight anxiety about your relationship status
Don't let relationship anxiety take over your life. Here are 3 easy steps you can take to refocus that negative energy.
Periods & vaginal health
Period pain? Birth control can help!
Hormonal birth control is one of the best ways to manage painful periods.
Pregnancy & fertility
What you should know about the Zika virus
There's lots we don't know about the Zika virus yet. If you're globetrotting in the meantime, stock up on bug spray, birth control, and condoms.
Boundaries & consent
Birth control bullies: When your partner wants your method to fail
Messing with a partner's birth control is abuse—and it may be depressingly common.
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