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Better sex
Ask an expert: How is underwater sex so dry?
And other burning vacation sex questions
Birth control
We need to talk...about birth control
A guide to figuring out the best birth control for you and your partner
Better sex
7 sex positions for when you’re exhausted but still DTF
Low investment, high reward
Birth control
Can pharmacists really prescribe birth control?
In some states, yes!
January extended horoscopes: Manifesting in 2019
Top 5 places where you’re definitely going to run into your ex over the holidays 🙃
Hope you weren’t planning to leave the house
Better sex
How to have sex when you’re forking freezing
Turn the ice capades into sexcapades
Better sex
How to have sex while staying at your parents’ house for Thanksgiving
Defiling your childhood bedroom in 5 easy steps
Birth control
Generic vs. brand name birth control: But, I thought it was all covered?
Your insurance has to cover birth control under the Affordable Care Act—so why are some women still paying out of pocket?
Birth control
Don't give up on the Health Insurance Marketplace!
Don't let glitches on stop you from getting coverage.
Birth control
Know your rights: Anti-discrimination protections in the ACA
Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act may not have the sexiest name, but it gets us awfully excited.
Birth control
Insured but still paying for birth control? Time to investigate!
New government FAQs make it crystal clear that health insurers really have to cover all birth control methods.
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