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Birth Control
These 8 stories make us want to shout "Thanks, Birth Control" from the rooftops
We laughed, we cried, we didn't get pregnant
Birth Control
Why I use a diaphragm for birth control
The diaphragm is hormone-free and gives me total control
Birth Control
Fact check: 10 things that aren’t birth control and 17 things that are
Including 10 legitimate non-hormonal BC methods
Birth Control
5 signs it’s time to switch birth control methods
Because life’s too short, and you don’t have time for nonsense
Birth Control
Side effects: The good, the bad, and the temporary
If you're worried about the side effects of birth control—or if you've had a bad experience—here are a few things you should know.
Birth Control
Birth control on the horizon: 2016 edition
In which we squint into the distance and report on everything we see over yonder.
Sex and Relationships
The perfect threesome: Pulling out + spermicide + Caya
The new Caya diaphragm pairs well with some spermicide and the oldest birth control method.
Sexual Health and Wellness
How to Get Birth Control Over the Counter
Grab birth control along with a gallon of milk and the latest gossip magazines.
Birth Control
SILCS: It's not your mama’s diaphragm (not her spermicide, either)
Could a new method to protect against both pregnancy and HIV be closer than we think?
Birth Control
Welcome back, diaphragm! Caya is slated to hit the U.S. market
The Caya diaphragm is new, improved, and on its way to health care provider near you. (Next up, some new spermicides to go with it, please.)
Birth Control
Marisela, 29, spermicide
He's in charge of buying the condoms and the foam.
Birth Control
Courtney, 28, spermicide
The spermicide is just something that I do for me.
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