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Crib? Check. Lamaze classes? Check. Postpartum birth control plan? Make sure that’s on your checklist too.

Planning for a baby can be overwhelming. But the real work starts when you get that newborn home—and the last thing you’re going to want to worry about is an unplanned pregnancy.

Your questions answered
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The biggest risk of using birth control is accidental pregnancy—so how likely is that?

For almost all healthy women, the answer is a definite “Yes!” The most likely health risk of having sex and using a birth control method is the chance that a woman will get pregnant accidentally.

After 15 minutes it disperses and allows for three hours of safe sex.


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We say film, you think movie. But for Kevin and his girl, it’s their birth control method of choice. She inserts a small, thin piece of vaginal contraceptive film at least 15 minutes before sex and…