Why should I?

A few of our favorite reasons why birth control is a very good idea.

Your sex life will improve.

Sex is hotter when you’re not worried about getting pregnant. And who doesn’t love turning up the heat in the bedroom. By the way, have you seen our weekly Frisky Friday sex tip emails?

Getting pregnant is easier than you think.

With all the infertility hype in the media, you’d think getting pregnant is hard to do. But for women in their twenties, it’s usually pretty easy. Like, really easy. It comes down to this: If you don’t actively plan NOT to have a baby, chances are, you’ll wind up having a baby.

You’re worth it.

In your life, you get to make the rules, call the shots, and take command. Of everything. That includes your body. You can choose to have a baby now, later, or never. And if you already have kids, it’s okay to say “enough for now.” Doing what’s right for you is always a good option.

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