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What to do when your partner withdraws emotionally

Some people are more affected by the moods of the people around them than others, but even if you’re not a highly sensitive person, it’s totally understandable to be a little freaked out when your partner seems to be pulling away from you emotionally. But the fact is, they’re a person just like you with many complex emotions and dynamics in their life, and you won’t know what’s going on until you talk about it.

IRL dating again? Here are 7 basic skills you forgot during the pandemic

Covid has taken so much from us. At the very bottom of that list are our social graces. We have all turned into slightly more disgusting (and let’s be honest, slightly more real) versions of ourselves. Which could be a good thing since it’s helpful to weed out people early on who weren’t going to like us when we got comfortable anyway. But it’s also nice to, like, sit in a chair and have someone bring you a drink and act like a real person for a couple of hours. So here are the skills you’re going to need to brush up on in order to do that.