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Sex, zombies, and Bedsider: Sounds like a good time to us

What happens when you take hundreds of flesh-eating zombies, a bunch of YouTube’s most popular reality stars, and throw them together in a battle for survival?

You get Fight of the Living Dead—a reality/horror show that documents who will survive the first 24 hours of a zombie apocalypse. And for the record, this has a lot to do with Bedsider and birth control.

Frisky Friday Top 5: How to get lucky on St. Patrick's Day

Green beer. Green dress. Green bra. Green “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” condoms. Saint Patrick’s Day is Monday, March 17th, and we know a lot of you are getting ready to celebrate it. If your plans include looking for love—or hooking up with a lad or lass—here are some traditional Irish superstitions that may bring you luck on your quest. (Or they might make you want to curl up in bed and watch The Craft. What? Just us?)