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9 sexy, totally relatable activities inspired by Bridgerton

By now surely you’ve all had a chance to watch Bridgerton on Netflix. If not, we would request that you to stop reading this, cancel all of your plans for the rest of the day, and start it right away. It’s not perfect—far from it, actually—but it is a delicious distraction that will transport you to a very different time and place. Inspired by its many, many, many steamy scenes, we’ve put together this list of sexy and totally reasonable things you can do this weekend.

8 gifts to give your partner for the 8 nights of Hanukkah

Ah the joys of an unattended open flame in a wood-paneled living room. It’s just so on brand for 2020. Happy Hanukkah, everybody! To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of 8 pandemic-appropriate presents you can give your partner this year. Feel free to give them all at once or dole them out one at a time like giving food pellets to a cute little pet hamster.

Y'all love your birth control, and we can't blame you

This week, we celebrated Thanks, Birth Control Day, our favorite holiday of the year. And people showed up in droves to talk about why they love their birth control and what it’s made possible in their lives. Here are some of our favorite reasons you said you love your BC: