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How to start using sex toys during partnered sex

Whether you’re a sex toy connoisseur with five bins of toys under your bed, or you’re a total newbie, it can be scary to bring up the topic of incorporating toys into your sex life with a partner. And that applies to new partners as well as ones who have been around for a while—some people in long-term relationships have only ever used sex toys when masturbating, never with a partner.

How to make your boss think you’re working from home when really you’re having daytime sex

Working from home has its downsides (days on end without showering, forgetting how to eat in public, growing accustomed to never wearing pants so when you have to leave the house a real waistband feels like a torture device), but it also has many, many perks. One of those perks is that if you are a person who still has any interest in sex, you could feasibly squeeze in some afternoon delight between meetings, something that would be very hard to pull off (though not impossible!) when working in an office environment. Whether that’s a quick romp with your partner or a solo sesh in celebration of May being Masturbation Month, here’s how to pull off this midday stress reliever.

6 ways to style your quarantine bush

Whether you have a regular waxing appointment that you now can’t get to or you’re just all out of f*cks to give, many of us are finding that we don’t have don’t have the time or the mental energy for painfully and incessantly removing body hair. And you know what? We’re celebrating that today with some style inspo.

6 windows to stare wistfully out of while wishing you were getting boned

Isolation is driving all of us to the very edge of our ability to cope. And for some reason, some of us feel extra horny when stressed, which really makes no sense, but, like, no judgment though. Whether you’re single, self-quarantining in a different home from your partner, one of you is an essential worker so you’re separated within your home, or one of you is sick, not being able to access physical touch when you want it is very, very difficult. So we thought we could help by suggesting some windows you could gaze out of while channeling your inner Avril Lavigne.