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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
He's smart and funny, but is he vaccinated for HPV?
Recent research shows college women prefer guys who are vaccinated for HPV.
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
Birth control when you’re living with HIV/AIDS
Taking medication for HIV? Here's what you should know to avoid an accidental pregnancy.
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
Sex toys and smooching: Can they give you HPV?
The latest in HPV: Good news for folks who kiss someone with oral HPV, not so much for those who share sex toys.
Pregnancy & fertility
A quickie guide to male reproductive anatomy
Pregnancy & fertility
Accidental pregnancy: It's a tough nut
When it comes to making progress toward fewer unplanned pregnancies, looks like we need a good nutcracker.
Pregnancy & fertility
While you're in there: Birth control for right after having a baby
Crib? Check. Lamaze classes? Check. Postpartum birth control plan? Make sure that’s on your checklist too.
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
Slacking on the HPV vaccine
The HPV vaccine protects against cervical cancer and genital warts—so why aren't more girls getting it?
Pregnancy & fertility
Infertility is going down among U.S. women
Despite hype to the contrary, that biological clock might not be ticking as fast as you thought...
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
It's official: the HPV vaccine is making a difference
Research shows that Gardasil works—and it may work better than expected.
Pregnancy & fertility
Taking medication? Stay on top of birth control
If you’re on medication and planning a pregnancy—or not doing much to prevent one—talk with your health care provider.
Pregnancy & fertility
“Add a dash of sperm and blammo! It’s baby time.”
Pregnancy & fertility
The facts of life: Fertility edition
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