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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
Can you get an STD from oral sex?
There's good news and bad news: You can’t get pregnant from oral sex, but you can get a sexually transmitted infection.
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
The common cold of the sexually active world: HPV
Let’s talk HPV—causes, treatments, and prevention.
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
IUDs, STIs, and PID: What’s the deal?
Contrary to popular myth, modern IUDs don't cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).
Pregnancy & fertility
Give yourself a break (between pregnancies)
Birth spacing: Another reason to say "Thanks, birth control!"
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
Oral HPV: Another reason to brush and floss
Taking good care of those pearly whites could make you less likely to have oral HPV.
Health care
Skip the pelvic, please!
What to expect when it’s time to visit your lady doctor. (It may just be a conversation.)
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
The HPV vaccine, new and improved
A new version of the Gardasil vaccine will protect against nine common strains of HPV.
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
Before you stop using condoms…
If you and your partner are thinking about going bare, here are a few things to do first.
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
"Preparation is king."
Periods & vaginal health
Help is on the way: How to manage PMS and period pain
Periods & vaginal health
A quickie guide to female reproductive anatomy
Health care
Is birth control info missing from chronic condition care?
Women with chronic health conditions have more medical visits—but are they getting the birth control info they need?
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