How to play it right when you have a crush

When you’re super into someone, your feelings can get the best of you. How do you put it out there that you’re into your crush without being too pushy? Here’s five ways to flirt without being a creep:

• Look for clues to make sure they are interested (or not). If someone turns you down (even one time) or is passive when you show interest, it’s a sign that you’ll have better luck elsewhere.

• Whatever you do, do not be a pest. You might’ve already flirted with your crush through text, online or IRL. If they do not respond to you right away (or at all), do not message them repeatedly. Give it some time before you reach out again. If they never respond, it’s probably a sign that they aren’t interested.

• Get to know your crush as a person. There’s more to the apple of your eye than what you find physically attractive. Ask them about their hopes, dreams, and fears, and listen to what they say.

• Be willing to take it slow. You’ve already decided you like this person, but they might need more time to get to know you. If they want to take it slow, follow their lead and see where it goes.

• Try starting as friends. If they end up not being interested in you romantically, you can still enjoy the blossoming friendship.

If your crush gives you the green light and you end up going for something more, enthusiastic consent make things way better.


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