What to do when you run out of condoms

And you’re too lazy to go out and get more

We’ve all been there. All dressed up with nowhere to go, so to speak. Maybe it’s after midnight and everything is closed in your town, maybe if you try to tiptoe down the creaky stairs you’ll wake up your mom who will then ask lots of questions like are you really going out dressed like that young lady, or maybe you’re just too dang lazy to be bothered with getting out of bed.

Whatever the reason, if you’re having the kind of sex that can get you pregnant, and you’re relying on condoms to avoid pregnancy, it might seem that running out of condoms would put a stop to the fun. But never fear, Bedsider is here with some ideas for how to keep the party going when the going gets tough:

  1. Try old things. Remember those hot makeout sessions you had on your parents’ couch in high school with all the grabbing and the groping and the rubbing? It’ll be just like that, only the groping will probably be more skillful (we hope—fingers crossed for you).
  2. Try new things (if you’re both into it). We know you know this already, but great sex doesn’t have to involve putting a penis in a vagina! Curious about all that butt stuff your friends have been talking about? Just keep in mind if you’re putting a penis or other body part in a butt, you need a condom or other barrier. Otherwise, go for it. (Also keep in mind that if you’re sharing sex toys you do need to put a condom on them, but if you’re the only one using them, you’re good, just wash them well after each use.)
  3. Bust out the toys. You know who can’t get you pregnant? Your Magic Wand, bless her. (See above re: sharing sex toys.)
  4. Improvise a dental dam with cling wrap. Make sure it doesn’t have any holes in it and is a big enough piece to cover the whole area (anus or vulva, whatever you’re planning on licking or having licked). DON’T try to DIY a condom with cling wrap or anything else (plastic baggie, etc.) This doesn’t work. Only condoms can be condoms.
  5. Explore the sexy side of NOT getting off. Edging is in, after all.


P.S. Whenever you’re trying something new in the bedroom, communication is key. It’s not cool to spring something on your partner in the heat of the moment. Besides, enthusiastic consent is actually super sexy.