That time Hillary tweeted at us

We're not crying, you're crying

Earlier this week, on Thanks, Birth Control Day, we told you about a recent survey we conducted to uncover some of the main reasons people use (and love) birth control. Today, we’re celebrating Frisky Friday by sharing some of our favorite tweets from the day, because nobody can say it better than you. Here’s why you (and we) are saying #thxbirthcontrol:

For helping us build the future we want

For giving us freedom

For letting us focus on our fur children

For treating painful periods so we can go to school and work

For helping us treat medical conditions

For helping us manage our mental health

For helping us be the boss bitch we wish to see in the world

For helping us achieve stability before having a baby

For helping us achieve our dreams of never having a baby

For letting us choose who we have kids with (no yahoos need apply)

For keeping our skin looking dewy

For helping us time a pregnancy

For letting us get right with our finances first

Because the personal is political

Because sometimes BC saves our lives

For being super freakin’ reliable

For letting us live our best lives every single f*ckin day

And last but not least, because we’ve made you wait long enough, for bringing us this gem


P.S. There’s more where that came from. Come on over to #thxbirthcontrol and tell us why you love your BC.