April horoscopes: Spring has officially sprung

There’s nothing like the first flowers bursting through the cold ground and those first warm rays of sunshine hitting your face to give you a sense of hope and optimism. This month, that’s going to set the tone for your love life. Get ready for passion, joy, romance, and lots of new connections.


The beginning of April holds great potential for your dating life—your dates are likely to be artistic and dreamy, and you will find yourself passionately swept off your feet. You’re feeling especially romantic about a certain somebody who seems too good to be true. But keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground is a good idea right now. There may be some particular warning signs about this love interest that are important to pay attention to (especially at the end of the month).


Being grounded and focused on reality is your superpower, but you also need an escape from practicality every now and then. This month, you may be drawn to a type of person that you’ve never been attracted to before, and that might throw you for a bit of a loop. But the romance? It’s out of this world, and totally worth going outside your comfort zone for. Dating will be a dreamy, sensual departure from life’s drudgery. May as well enjoy the ride.


April will have you feeling extra energized and flirtatious! You’ll be surrounded by admirers at parties, and the banter will be sparkling (as always). You may find yourself exploring a few different love interests—just keep in mind that while you may be able to hold these connections lightly, they may be feeling a bit more attached. Just make sure you’re clear about your feelings, no matter how uncomfortable you think it might be to have that conversation.


If you’ve been waiting to go on a date with somebody who’s on your emotional wavelength, then get excited for April. The beginning of this month offers up a connection that’s spiritual, sensitive, creative, and BONUS: they will be extremely emotionally intelligent. And don’t worry if your energy is still a bit on the low side. Your date will be down for low-key, homey dates like cooking romantic meals together and cuddling under your favorite fluffy blankets—just your speed!


Most things in your life are dazzling right now, and your dating life is no exception. Connections are not hard to come by, and you can have just about anybody you want from the plethora of admirers you’ve attracted. Though you may be enjoying a deeper connection with a certain somebody, you may also still be digging sexy, flirtatious encounters with other potential love interests. Hopefully your main squeeze isn’t the jealous type…because if they are, you may be in for a bit of an uncomfortable situation. Talk it out early to avoid complications.


Your friends may have been pressuring you to “get out there and date” lately. And though you may be open to playing the field, you’d kind of prefer a more unassuming way of meeting a love interest. In fact, you may be hiding a crush on somebody from work. It may feel safe to have work as the shared focus while you’re interacting with this person, but eventually, that’s going to make it difficult to act on your feelings. If the build-up is getting to be too much to handle, don’t worry. The end of this month may present you with just the right opportunity to make your move.


All work and no play makes for a dull Libra. If you’ve been feeling a bit bogged down with responsibility lately, don’t worry. April will bring fresh energy to your love life. You may find that you are especially drawn to people who seem brave and adventurous to you right now, or maybe you’re just drawn to going on new adventures with your dates. Whatever it is, getting out of this rut is definitely your dating prescription for April. A serious connection with somebody unusual could definitely blossom towards the end of the month.


You’re going through some big changes right now. And some of those changes may involve your dating life. You may be finding yourself drawn to love interests who are pretty different from who you’ve gone for in the past. (Big age difference? Weird job? Super interesting aesthetic?) But that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to be a great match for you. In fact, this month may be an especially emotionally connected month for you when it comes to dating. Knowing you, that means beginning to invest your heart deeply. If things feel solid between you and your love interest by the end of the month, then this relationship is likely to have a future.


Yep, it’s still your moment in the sun. EVERYBODY is vibing you, to the point that it’s almost overwhelming. You are definitely all about the next adventure, and this month will deliver. Though it’s all fun and games in the first half of the month, you may have to suddenly focus on real world concerns later inApril (unless you’re independently wealthy). Maybe it’s a good idea to reel in that huge Sagittarius vision a little bit and come up with some closer-to-home, smaller-budget date ideas?


This month may lend some sweetness and romance to your nights out with your love interest. Though you’re still going to be on your grind, there’s a lot to be said for letting your hair down and just being in the moment during your off hours (especially in the first half of the month). In fact, if it’s feeling safe to do so, it may even be a good idea to dip a toe in that deep, sultry Capricorn passion that you keep hidden away. If all goes well, the connection may even blossom into something serious by the end of the month.


It may seem like your world is awash with emotional people, which isn’t quite what your more detached self is looking for right now. You need somebody who’s a bit more in their body and ready for action. You are more focused on finding a primal connection than an emotional equal, and that’s the signal you’re putting out. Come the week of the 22nd, you may crash-land into who you’ve been looking for through an unlikely set of circumstances. Only time will tell if it’ll stick or just go down in your memory as a hot, one-time thing.


If you’ve been waiting for some serious romance to flood your dating life, this month will bring it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re exploring all your options or seriously committing to just one of them—it’s all going well for you. But when choppy emotional waters hit around the end of the month, your sense of enthusiasm may falter. Remember that storms are only temporary, and if a connection is real, it will outlast the weather.


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